Mezzex is growing at a skyrocketing pace. We need more resources to support the never-ending journey of challenges, learning and impact. Discover your true potential by being a part of the UK’s fastest-developing group that is passionate about what we do. We are constantly improving our skills and learning trends to offer exceptional services of business e-commerce and digital marketing. If you are interested in sharing the same values with us, then you are the right candidate.

Here at Mezzex, we believe that our support team and relaxed yet productive working environment can make it easy to take on the most challenging tasks.

We love what we do, and each project and client is like a gold mine to us. So, join us if you have what it takes to be a Mezzex warrior, and let's inspire technology together!

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If you are looking for an OPPORTUNITY that gives your career a new definition, join Mezzex. We heartily welcome talented and enthusiasts in our team.

Customer Service E-Commerce Executive


E-Commerce Catalogue Executive


E-Commerce Key Account Manager (Amazon)


MIS & Data Analyst


Product Research & Sourcing

Product Research & Sourcing

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