About us

Through our parent company, Ultior Ultimate Performance Pvt. Ltd, Mezzex, a full-service IT company that was founded in 2015 with only eight clients and a team of three dedicated IT professionals on board. Since then, our client base has seen tremendous growth due to our dedication to delivering perfect results. Today, the Mezzex team includes experienced web professionals and a friendly customer service team who diligently serve a large client base around the world.

Moving on, Mezzex was created with the aim to offer affordable and high-performance branding and sales enablement services using proven and progressive data-driven solutions. We have a simple mission, to maximize your growth in a cost-effective way. As your leading IT and Ecommerce service provider, we promise to work hard and not give up until the objectives are achieved.

We are a committed team and this is why you should partner with Mezzex.

Committed to delivering high-quality web development and e-commerce services

Our DNA Attributes

Mezzex embodies a combination of technology, data science, and human intellect to provide clients with superlative service quality delivering perfect results, and that too at affordable prices!

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What binds Mezzex into a unified and single team is the continuous commitment to excellence. Our clients should expect pure excellence from discovery, and planning to implementation.


At Mezzex, our way of life is to do the right thing. This is why we make sure that our clients experience complete transparency with accountability for every action and every initiative related to their campaign.



Mezzex is driven by unhesitating resilience to come up with the best solution for our execution initiatives to adjust to a constantly evolving digital world. Our flexibility to change makes us help you stay updated.


Our Mezzex team structure ensures that every project receives the best innovative approach it deserves, with all the efforts precisely aligned with client goals.


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Spacebox Business Park Unit E 38, Plume Street Birmingham B6 7RT.

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